The Taylors

The Taylors
by Aubrie Tolman

30 January 2017

Papa and his grandsons

Carter, Wesley, and Xander love their papa

This is right after we got our carpet in.  We love it!

Melissa flew into town!

We all celebrated a brief reunion at dinner.  It was a great time with Melissa and Dave!

28 January 2017

Goodbye Treasured Memories!

Treasured Memories was the best scrapbook store ever.  It was owned by my parents for I think 16 years.  I worked there for years and years and years.  Later as I had more and more kids and a job, I couldn't lend a hand as much. They first moved it to Carriage Square in Taylorsville, then when I was on my mission they moved it to Village at the River's Edge in West Valley.  

The plan was to close it.  It wasn't making any money, and hard on my mom to man it all of the time.  And harder if she ever went on vacation (which, with my dad, was more often than not!)  And they they were given an opportunity to get out of their lease early.  It was a whirlwind month.  And in the end, they sold all of the inventory for not a lot, and walked away from everything.  It was sad.  But it was good.  Don't worry, I kept a stash of scrapbook supplies for the someday when I put my books together.  I also am a hoarder.  So I also kept all sorts of  paper racks and sticker racks.  I had a huge new house with an empty room downstairs!   Why throw it in the trash!  I made an awesome pantry with those sticker racks and slat wall!  And I have great plans for my garage and shed, and even my scrapbook room someday.  Someday.

These pictures are well out of order.  Some before we started cleaning, some afters.  We were there way into the early morning.  Mom's friend Robin who often helped my mom with her store and taught some classes too was right there with us.  It was her, mom, dad, and me and Quinton.  Even my kids came to sweep and such. But it was a lot of work.  Whatever we didn't take was officially the buyer's in the morning.  Mom was hesitant for us to take product, but Dad encouraged us to.  But we didn't want to make mom upset.  So.... while she wasn't looking....  Quinton took box after box out to our van, lol.  The next day when it all sank in, she thanked us for taking what we did.  I consider it to be our inheritance.  An early lifetime of Christmas's and Birthdays.

10 January 2017

Front Yard Snow Fun

Quinton sometimes surprises me with what a fun dad he is.  He shoveled all of the snow from the drive way and tons from the lawn too into a huge heap and made a fun slide for the kids.  They loved it!  And I loved it too because when they get cold and their hands are ice, they just come inside.  Forget the parks!  The front yard is even better!  The kids had so much fun on the awesome sleds that Nanci got us for Christmas.  What a wonderful time!